Mathias GAASCH The “Feierstëppler” 1872  -  1939
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Mathias GAASCH the “Feierstëppler”
Who was the « Feierstëppler » ? The « Feierstëppler » was Mathias Gaasch from Dudelange. He was born in Dudelange on January 7th 1872. His father was Jean Gaasch, and his mother was Joanna Schortgen. His parents married in Dudelange on July 26th 1869. He had three brothers and four sisters: Thérèse, born on February 7th 1870, married to Henri Engel, tailor. Margaretha (Marguerite), born on September 13th, 1873, she emigrated to the USA. She married twice. Franziska (Françoise), born on December 4th 1874, married to Mathias Schutz, baker in Bonnevoie. Heinrich (Henri, Henry), born on May 11th 1877, he emigrated to the USA. He was a teacher. He married Odilie Trapp in the USA. They are the grandparents of the world famous heart-surgeon Bill Gaasch. Johann (Jean), who died at the age of three. Barbe, died just twelve months old. Anne, born on March 31st 1883, married to Paul Kirpes who worked for the CFL (Luxembourg Railway Company) Dominique, who died just twelve months old. The name Gaasch or Gasch, was first mentioned in the Dudelange Church books in the year 1741, at the wedding of Caroli Gaasch from Livange to Anna Coulon from Burange, the great-great-great-parents of Mathias Gaasch, the “Feierstëppler”. Mathias Gaasch married Susanna Mitsch of Dalheim in Dudelange on February 18th 1898. They had five children, three girls and two boys. Marguerite, born on November 29th 1898, married to Michel-Lucien Schaeffer .They had two sons, Lucien and Marcel. Guillaume, born on June 29th 1900, married to Maria Zimmer. They had two sons, Johny and Roger. Michel, born March 30th 1902, married to Anna Scimia. No children. Anna, born on September 29th 1904, married to Jean-Pierre Metzler. They had two daughters, Margot and Jeanny. Thérèse, Françoise, named Eugénie, born on May 25th 1907. She was married to Jacques Hoffmann . No children. Mathias GAASCH died on May 19th 1939, 67 years old in Dudelange. Susanna MITSCH died on September 3rd 1943, 76 years old in Dudelange.
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